Main Characters Edit

These characters can be unlocked by collecting XP points:

SpeedRunner - The titular hero. He wears an all black suit with blue highlights and features an aerodynamic helmet.

Unic- A man dressed as a pink unicorn.

Hothead- A Hero with a fire motif and a tiki head. Likely inspired by Hawaiian mythology.

Cosmonaut Comrade - A hero who wears a red outfit with a golden star on his round helmet. Designed to be reminiscent of the USSR in his design.

Moonraker - The first female character to be added in the game. Has a silver, futuristic outfit and red hair.

The Falcon - He is said to be SpeedRunner's enemy. He is a man with glasses who wears a white bird costume based off of a chicken.

Buckshot - A deer with a red vest and a rifle. Named after shotgun shells.

Gil - A undercover detective wearing a costume basically based from a Shark.

Maneko Neko - A cat with a red scarf and a golden bell. Based on the Maneki Neko of Japanese culture.

Scout - The Scout from Team Fortress 2.

Salem - A black cat dressed as a witch.

SkullDuggery - A skeleton wearing brown clothing and holds a shovel.

Luc J'adore - A macho guy with a blue mask and rose.

Sherlock Bones - A dog with bright yellow colour, wears Sherlock Holmes' outfit.

Jailbird - A female prisoner, she has her hands bound together which make her animations unique.

Excel/XL - Excel is a typical business man who carries a suitcase around all the time. XL wears sunglasses, a cap, jacket and jeans, always carries a boombox around. Excel is playable during weekdays, but is replaced by XL on weekends.

Burger - A man dressed like a burger, he is overweight and likes to eat a lot of ketchup and mayonnaise.

The Original Mr. Quick - Looks like he was Speedrunners' predecessor and got replaced by him at some point, looks like a typical old school superhero.

Flamenco - Man dressed like a bull, he runs like a bull too, and he wears a lot of red.

Fort Knight - A 'knight' wearing armor out of cardboard and crates, he is equipped with a wooden sword and wears a bag helmet.

Veloci-T-Rex - Has an unique moveset, it's a dinosaur (Velociraptor) and wears black jeans.

The YouTuber DLC Pack Edit

These characters can be bought on the Steam store, and cannot be unlocked. They are split into two packs:

Team Falcon (YouTuber Pack 1): Edit

Markiplier - He wears a Black & Red outfit with an "M" in the center. This character also has a Pink Mustache.

PeanutButterGamer - Wears an outfit similar to Toon Link from the "The Legend of Zelda" series.

UberHaxorNova - Wears a grey jacket and has a short, pink hairdo.

Jesse Cox - Wears an orange and purple costume with wings.

Team SpeedRunners (YouTuber Pack 2): Edit

PewDiePie - Wears a crown, headphones and a pink outfit.

Strippin - Wears a tiara and a princess costume.

CinnamonToastKen - Wears a bear headdress. Doesn't have an upper costume.

Dodger - Wears a costume based from a fox.

Secret Characters Edit

These characters can be played by typing in their respective commands on the character select screen (case insensitive):

Gang Beast - The character from gang beasts. Command: /gangbeast.

Hoxton - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /hoxton.

Dallas - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /dallas.

Wolf - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /wolf.

Cloaker - Special Enemy from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /cloaker.

Octodad - The main character in Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Command: /octodad.

These characters were removed in the r44.9 patch (6 October 2015):

Potato - Normal potato. Command: /sallad ( not accesible )

Goat - The goat from goat simulator. Command: /baaaahhh!!! (not accesible )

QWOP - The character from QWOP the game. Command: /qwop

PewDuckPie - A duck in a barrel. Command: /pewduckpie (was only accessible by certain people) [citation needed].