Main Characters Edit

To prevent any confusion, all characters have the same stats, no character is faster than another. The only differences are the "skins" and animations.

These characters can be unlocked by collecting XP points:

SpeedRunner - The titular hero. He wears an all black suit with blue highlights and features an aerodynamic helmet.

Unic- A man dressed as a pink unicorn.

Hothead- A Hero with a fire motif and a tiki head. Likely inspired by Hawaiian mythology.

Cosmonaut Comrade - A hero who wears a red outfit with a golden star on his round helmet. Designed to be reminiscent of the USSR in his design.

Moonraker - The first female character to be added in the game. Has a silver, futuristic outfit and red hair.

The Falcon - He is said to be SpeedRunner's enemy. He is a man with glasses who wears a white bird costume based off of a chicken.

Buckshot - A deer with a red vest and a rifle. Named after shotgun shells.

Gil - A undercover detective wearing a costume basically based from a Shark.

Maneko Neko - A cat with a red scarf and a golden bell. Based on the Maneki Neko of Japanese culture.

Scout - The Scout from Team Fortress 2.

Salem - A black cat dressed as a witch.

SkullDuggery - A skeleton wearing brown clothing and holds a shovel.

Luc J'adore - A macho guy with a blue mask and rose.

Sherlock Bones - A dog with bright yellow colour, wears Sherlock Holmes' outfit.

Jailbird - A female prisoner, she has her hands bound together which make her animations unique.

Excel/XL - Excel is a typical business man who carries a suitcase around all the time. XL wears sunglasses, a cap, jacket and jeans, always carries a boombox around. Excel is playable during weekdays, but is replaced by XL on weekends.

Burger - A man dressed like a burger, he is overweight and likes to eat a lot of ketchup and mayonnaise.

The Original Mr. Quick - Looks like he was Speedrunners' predecessor and got replaced by him at some point, looks like a typical old school superhero.

Flamenco - Man dressed like a bull, he runs like a bull too, and he wears a lot of red.

Fort Knight - A 'knight' wearing armor out of cardboard and crates, he is equipped with a wooden sword and wears a bag helmet.

Veloci-T-Rex - Has an unique moveset, it's a dinosaur (Velociraptor) and wears black jeans.

The YouTuber DLC Pack Edit

These characters can be bought on the Steam store, and cannot be unlocked. They are split into two packs:

Team Falcon (YouTuber Pack 1): Edit

Markiplier - He wears a Black & Red outfit with an "M" in the center. This character also has a Pink Mustache.

PeanutButterGamer - Wears an outfit similar to Toon Link from the "The Legend of Zelda" series.

UberHaxorNova - Wears a grey jacket and has a short, pink hairdo.

Jesse Cox - Wears an orange and purple costume with wings.

Team SpeedRunners (YouTuber Pack 2): Edit

PewDiePie - Wears a crown, headphones and a pink outfit.

Strippin - Wears a tiara and a princess costume.

CinnamonToastKen - Wears a bear headdress. Doesn't have an upper costume.

Dodger - Wears a costume based from a fox.

Secret Characters Edit

These characters can be played by typing in their respective commands on the character select screen (case insensitive):

Gang Beast - The character from gang beasts. Command: /gangbeast.

Hoxton - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /hoxton.

Dallas - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /dallas.

Wolf - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /wolf.

Cloaker - Special Enemy from the game PAYDAY 2. Command: /cloaker.

Octodad - The main character in Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Command: /octodad.

These characters were removed in the r44.9 patch (6 October 2015):

Potato - Normal potato. Command: /sallad ( not accesible )

Goat - The goat from goat simulator. Command: /baaaahhh!!! (not accesible )

QWOP - The character from QWOP the game. Command: /qwop

PewDuckPie - A duck in a barrel. Command: /pewduckpie (was only accessible by certain people) [citation needed].

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