Here some well known ranked players : Edit

Metanet01 : French high level player.

He is viewed as the n° 2 in the world of Speed Runners in term of skill . He was the 5th person who reached platinum and the 1st one who reached Diamond ( everybody thought it was impossible to reach Diamond.) He has approximately 100690 points in ranked . Now he is the n° 3 in term of points in the World . He is the best french player in the world.

He is also well known for his very good tutorials for new players and also experienced players

His most known tutorial :

He also finished N°2 in the last ESL tournament for the EU section . He lost against Taters McShit in finals .


Taters McShit . English high level player.

The most famous one because of his videos , montages and also because of his skill. He was during long time considered the best player in the World . He was the first player who reached platinum . He is the first Speedrunner who obtained more than 1k subscriber on youtube thanks to his montages .

He is also one of the two players who won ESL 1v1 tournament (EU bracket) . He got official ESL trails in winning this tournament (against Metanet01 ). Only two players in the World have ESL official visible trails .

He has approximately 66000 points in ranked.


Jarl Ballin (well known as kickman19981101)

Russian High level player . He is currently the n°1 in term of points in the world . He is a diamond player . (101705) . He isn't known as the fastest player but he is known to almost never fail .

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