These are the Items and Obstacles that currently appear in the game. Keep in mind all titles and names are unofficial as the game is currently in Beta.

Boxes: These are just obstcales that you jump over, otherwise you can get slowed down.

Barrels/Plants: Same as above.

Pickup orbs: These give you pick ups.

Collapsing Ceiling: These are obstacles intended for you to slide through. Should you fail to do so, there will be blocks that fall and hamper your progress.

Sprint Refill: This will refill your boost bar, which can be used to run faster as long as the meter is not depleted. This is useful for leaving opponents in the dust.

Speed Tunnel: Special areas that grant you a boost as long as you're in the area of effect. May also launch you in the air.

Spikes: Obstacles that upon contact result in an instant dropout/Kill.

Turning spike: Similar to spike pits but are on a spinning mechanism, usually on ledges.

Rocket launchers: These will launch homing rocket on you if they are activated.

Laser beam: This is a revolving laser that if touched will result in a dropout/kill.

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